Deck with stiffners   Ribs, blocks and reinforcing being placed in position.
Deck with beam en negative steel. Detail 6 is used here. See detail page.  
A closer view at a stiffner.
Deck with beam en negative steel.  
A closer view of a rib and block.
Deck with stiffener and the necessary shuttering on the side.  
Broken blocks get recycled through crushing them and putting them back into the blockmixture.
Cantilever detail.   Cutter and bender where steel are cut and bend according to bending schedules.
Beam. Mesh already on slab.   Stirrups ready for use.
Closer look at slab. Mesh already in position.  
Cutter in action.
Deck with beam. Lightblocks also visible. Electrician busy with wiring.  
Reinforcing ready for use.
Deck with stiffener.   The manufacturing of ribs.
Ribs, blocks and mesh in position.   Ribs in pans, busy drying.
Deck with necessary shuttering. Electrician busy with wiring.  
Ribs busy drying.
Decking material are being placed in position.   No more problems with light fittings when using these lightblocks.
Slab from underneath, props also visible.   Finished lightblocks.
Ribs, blocks and necessary shuttering already in position.   Downlighter boxes can be cast inside our blocks.
Deck with stiffener.   Finished ribs
Deck with beam and cantilever steel.   Our competent team strives for the highest quality.
Shuttering and props.   Ribs drying
Deck from under, with props in position for support.   Ribs drying
Busy putting material in posistion.   Ribs drying